Why do you need a crash pad for your TDY?

As much as military life comes with a lot of excitement, it has downsides – one of which is that you have to adapt to living out of suitcases, implying you may stay out of your permanent home for months. Most times, you have to live in temporary base lodging or hotels for a few months or longer. Meanwhile, if you do not choose your accommodation type wisely, you may not have a good experience. Part of the reason for this is because most of those accommodations are not designed to suit military life and DTS doesn’t always like to approve your voucher at the end of your stay. Hence, you should consider securing a crash pad during your TDY for the following reasons:


  • Pocket-friendly and affordable: One of the reasons a crash pad is a better option for you is that it’s zero out of pocket for our TDY travelers. Naturally, one would expect that the luxury and comfort like a crash pad offers should come at a high cost. However, crash pads are tied to the rates on your TDY orders to ensure that it will be zero out of pocket at the end of your stay. Lodging in a hotel or rented homes is relatively expensive as there are several bills to pay and might lock you into a lease for longer than your orders. Hotels and houses also might not have a DTS Friendly Receipts which can cause your voucher not to be approved for weeks and even months. Here at Royal Retreats Crash Pads, we understand the DTS process and have helped our clients get their vouchers approved when the process starts to take too long. You will be paying for less relevant services, some of which you do not need. The result of this is that you incur higher costs during your TDY. Good news! Our TDY crash pads at Royal Retreat are giving you comfort at their peak at a minimal cost.
  • Relaxation space: TDY crash pads offer a great deal of relaxation space even when you are away from home. The environment of Royal Retreats crash pads is designed to make you feel comfortable and homely, allowing you to have hotel hospitality and the home feeling of good relaxing moments during your TDY stays. At Royal Retreats, we offer homes with very spacious spaces, including sizeable living rooms, executive-size bedrooms, large backyards for a family gathering, among others. There are other amenities such as free Wi-Fi, parking space, maid service, among others. With the right locations, our crash pads are situated close to the air force base, reducing your exposure to traffic stress. You can also explore sports activities such as hiking, biking trails, and mountain climbing. For instance, our crash pads in the Albuquerque area are located close to mountains, an opportunity for you and your family to have some outdoor activities. In addition, you do not need to worry about security while relaxing as our crash pads are in communities with very low crime rates.
  • Well-furnished: In a hotel, there are limitations to what you can do. For instance, you do not have access to basic home features such as laundry, kitchen, a personal bar, personal game/TV room, and the likes. You have to call in for room service for virtually everything, bloating your expenses. Aside from the increased expenses, the quality of service may not be up to your standard or preference. You may even feel like your privacy is being encroached on. However, a crash pad addresses all the concerns raised above. In a crash pad, you have all the necessary appliances that you need during your TDY stay. Essential facilities such as laundry, an office area, kitchen, game/TV room are in our crash pads. Royal Retreat clearly understands that guests should have optimum comfortability and that’s why we have taken the time to develop this great crash pad designs. Our crash pads have all the necessary facilities you need for a memorable, stress-free stay.

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