Royal Retreats Crash Pads: An Elevated Lodging Experience

So, you’re a member of the U.S. Air Force preparing for another TDY and need lodging accommodations. You shuffle through the available AFB lodging options and narrow it down to your top two: an on-base TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) or a private military crash pad.

The decision may seem difficult; I mean, is there really a huge difference?… We’ll help make it easy for you. There is a huge difference between staying in AFB lodging on-base and staying in a Royal Retreats Crash Pad.

While staying at one of our military crash pads you can take a breath and truly relax. We take every opportunity to make your stay comfortable, stress-free, and thoroughly enjoyable for you and your family. Royal Retreats Crash Pad properties offer you the feel, privacy, and comforts of your own home, with the amenities of a hotel, at no cost to you while TDY. On-base AFB lodging facilities are typically outdated, cramped, and only provide the bare minimum. Royal Retreats Crash Pads, on the other hand, provide spacious, updated, fully-furnished living quarters; a stocked kitchen and laundry room; maid service; high-speed WIFI; cable TVs; ample room for studying or entertaining guests; as well as a convenient, safe location to make your time away from home exceptionally pleasant.

Now that we’ve discussed the actual facilities, let’s talk about location. On-base AFB lodging may seem viable when you have limited time for commuting…until you realize the AFB lodging is located clear across base from where you need to report for work. Now, what if we told you that our military crash pads are not only conveniently located only a few miles from base, but are also close to the best amenities, restaurants, and shopping centers.

As a military member, your travel comes with unique stipulations and needs. Being veterans ourselves, we completely get it. We will work with you to ensure your TDY lodging needs are not only met but exceeded. Our top-notch customer service can make sure your DTS receipts are approved, so you can enjoy one of our lovely properties with no out-of-pocket expenses. We promise you’ll never want to stay in on-base AFB lodging again after your TDY experience at one of our military crash pads.

You deserve more than AFB lodging is able to provide. Book your TDY stay with us today!


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