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We all know travel is expensive – especially nowadays. As a military member, fortunately, TDY travel expenses and military housing should be covered by the military. In order to receive this reimbursement, you must turn in your DTS receipts post-TDY and after they are approved, you are issued reimbursement for the total cost of your military housing.

Unfortunately, while on TDY, the daily room rates for military housing can vary widely. If your daily room rate exceeds your allotted per diem rate, you end up paying a portion of the cost of military housing out of your own pocket. We at Royal Retreats Crash Pads, are not fans of this particular situation and have taken every step to prevent you from racking up an out-of-pocket expense while staying at our properties.

The daily rates for Royal Retreats Crash Pad TDY rentals are matched to your TDY orders, so the DTS reimbursement will cover the full cost of staying at one of our military crash pads – we make sure there are no surprises or out-of-pocket expenses at the end of your stay. Even if your training is shortened or extended, as is often experienced by military members on TDY, we’ll guarantee your reimbursement for TDY military housing will match the rates on your invoice while residing at our lodgings.

As veterans, we exclusively serve traveling military professionals, and we have specifically created DTS-friendly receipts that are easy to submit and quick to approve – no guesswork. Here at Royal Retreats Crash Pads, we’re military insiders – we speak the language, we’ve walked in your shoes, and we know exactly how to get DTS receipts for military housing approved. Unlike other short-term rental companies that occasionally book TDY homes, this is all we do.

At Royal Retreats Crash Pads, you can enjoy all-inclusive luxury amenities at one of our 5-star properties without ever paying a penny out of pocket. We conveniently send out our invoices on the 1st and 15th of the month and accept all credit cards, including your government travel card (GTC). If you have any issues with reimbursement, our very own DTS specialist is always available to help resolve any questions or concerns. As we continue to grow and offer more TDY military housing options across our lovely country, we will never lose sight of our purpose – we’re here to help you book and enjoy the very best stay while away from your own home and family.


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