Health Tips When Staying in a Short-Term Rental


How can I focus on my wellness when staying in a Military Crash Pad in San Antonio?


When staying in a short-term rental home, it can be easy to get out of a routine and put your wellness on the back burner. While it can be more difficult to focus on your health when you are staying in a military crash pad, San Antonio offers many activities that can boost your well-being. We’ll break down our recommended tips to help keep you in tip-top shape while lodging at a San Antonio Military PIT Pad.

1. Stay Hydrated

Our first health tip when staying in a military crash pad is to stay hydrated. As a pilot, it can be even more important to stay hydrated during long flight days. Our incredible San Antonio military crash pads include the air conditioning that you need in south Texas. Still, it is crucial to drink water! Did you know that San Antonio averages about 80% humidity in the early morning during most of the year? High levels of humidity can quickly cause dehydration due to increased sweating. Additionally, San Antonio offers sunny and warm weather. While this is perfect for outdoor activities while you are staying in one of our military PIT pads, it can cause dehydration. Remember, drink water and stay hydrated during your time in San Antonio.

2. Eat Healthy

Along with staying hydrated, we also recommend eating at least one healthy, home-cooked meal each day. Luckily, our military PIT pads in San Antonio are conveniently located near all of your favorite grocery stores including Costco, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Sam’s Club. Our military crash pads are also fully furnished, so you should have all of the appropriate items needed to cook and eat healthy on TDY. Eating healthy meals at our military crash pads is important. However, don’t pass up the chance to try out the numerous fine dining establishments that San Antonio has to offer. Several of our San Antonio military PIT pads are within walking distance of downtown San Antonio and the River Walk.

Because our San Antonio military PIT pads are in such convenient locations, daily exercise is a breeze. The River Walk offers miles of biking and walking trails. San Antonio also boasts many beautiful parks that are perfect for the entire family. To learn more about all of the outdoor activities that San Antonio has to offer, check out the Visit San Antonio website.

3. Sleep Well

Our final health tip is to get quality sleep. Our San Antonio military crash pads provide the luxuries of your own home, including comfortable beds. A quality night’s sleep is key to being your best during your stay in San Antonio. We suggest enjoying the south Texas sunshine, rest, and repeat!

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